C.F. COOPER® develops and distributes professional grade hand tools and power tool accessories to tradesmen and craftsmen around the world who require high performance tools at competitive prices.

C.F. Cooper’s brand portfolio includes an ever-expanding range of SIMONDS® cutting tools, C.H. HANSON® hand tools, MEGAPRO® fastening tools, and CFCOOPER® hand tools. For well over a century, both SIMONDS and C.H. HANSON have been innovators in their respective businesses and continue to build upon their success through an expanding range of tools for professionals who make their living like C.F. Cooper, working with good hand tools. As well, the MEGAPRO brand has been rapidly expanding its fastening tool line from the success of its patented cartridge type multi-bit screwdrivers. Whether it was in 1832 when Abel Simonds developed scythe blades for paper mills, or 1866 when Charles Hanson developed metal stamps for factories, or 1994 when Hermann Fruhm developed the first cartridge type multi-bit screwdriver, the passion for developing quality & innovative tools has been at the heart of our business.

Our success is the result of our never-ending commitment to develop & provide high quality tools for professionals with innovative features that are fairly priced.

Clarence Cooper

The legacy of C.F. Cooper dates back over a century to 1886 when Clarence Frederick Cooper was born in Wallingford, Connecticut, U.S.A.. Clarence was a handyman for many years and spent his later life working at Stanley Tools. He had a keen sense of quality and a high work ethic. Reaching an age of 101 years, his passion for quality tools was carried on by three succeeding generations who also worked in the tool industry, the most recent being C.F.’s grandson, Gerry Cooper, and great-grandson, Dan Cooper, who currently manage the C.F. Cooper business.

Gerald Cooper Sr.

C.F. Cooper’s son, Gerald joined Stanley right out of college in 1936 at the depths of the U.S. Depression, starting as a worker in the boiler room just to have a job. In the ensuing years, he moved into manufacturing drapery hardware rising up to become Plant Manager by 1955, then becoming Vice President of The Stanley Works, a job he held until his untimely death at age 54 in 1968. During his adult career, he was a member of his college’s Board of Trustees, superintendent of his Sunday School, a Lifetime Rotarian and self-taught do-it-yourself builder of pine furniture.

Gerald Cooper Jr.

C.F.’s grandson, Gerry also joined Stanley after his college graduation in 1966 moving from programming Stanley’s computers to positions in accounting, finance, purchasing and manufacturing.  In 1986, Stanley moved Gerry and his family to Taiwan where he lived for 19 years setting up Stanley sales offices and factories for Stanley in Singapore, Taiwan and China.  In 2001, Gerry retired from Stanley after 35 years and started his own hand tool sourcing and engineering company which he expanded in 2007 to include an assembly and packaging factory.    Gerry is currently the Chairman of C.F. Cooper Inc.

Daniel Cooper

C.F.’s great-grandson, Dan joined Stanley Tools, now Stanley Black & Decker, after his college graduation in 1993 as a Sales Representative at their Taiwan sales office.   In 1994, he joined American Tool Companies, now Irwin Tools, as their Asia Sales Manager.  In 2003 he joined Cooper Tools, now Apex Tool Group, as their Director of Asian Sales & Operations.    Through his employment at these three companies, Dan gained strong relationships with both suppliers and customers.   Dan’s more than 30-year background in Asia combined with his industry work experience and family heritage have served him well as the current President of C.F. Cooper Inc.

C.F. Cooper – A Legacy of Quality Since 1886