The year was 1832, only 56 years since America’s independence. It was in that year that Abel Simonds set up a small workshop in Fitchburg, Massachusetts to provide scythe blades for sawmills, cotton mills, and some of the very first paper mills.

More than 175 years have passed since those early beginnings and Simonds is now the oldest cutting tool manufacturer in North America. Today, Simonds offers one of the broadest and most trusted lines of cutting tools and power tool accessories found anywhere in the world. Craftsmen and tradesmen from many industries have grown to depend on the quality and innovation of Simonds products and services. For all those years, skilled masters in many wood and metal fabricating industries have turned to Simonds for products and services to improve their position in the marketplace. Simonds provided The Professionals’ Edge then, and carries on that tradition today.

Simonds has a rich history, having experienced many important milestones over its lengthy history:

1832 – Simonds founded by Abel Simonds, producing skythe blades and knives.
1876 – Circular saw blades introduced, using a patented tempering system.
1878 – Wide bandsaw blades introduced, becoming the core product range.
1879 – Cross-cut hand saw introduced with patented grinding process.
1905 – Fitchburg File Works purchased, producing files & hacksaws since 1864.
1910 – Electric-powered steel mill built to fill Simonds growing demand.
1927 – The Abrasive Co. purchased, with a reputation as an innovator in abrasives.
1955 – Heller Brothers purchased, the oldest manufacturer of files, since 1836.
1962 – The Atrax Co. purchased, the largest manufacturer of carbide drills & burrs.
1968 – Simonds introduced world’s first bimetal band saw blades.
1991 – Ralston File purchased, the U.K.’s largest file manufacturer, since 1913.
1999 – The hole saw division of Anderson products is purchased, adding PTA.
2001 – The Nicholson bandsaw division of Cooper Tools is purchased.
2007 – Simonds celebrates its 175th year anniversary.

Established in 1866, the C. H. Hanson Company has been a family-owned and managed operation based near Chicago, Illinois. The company has demonstrated throughout its history the ability to innovate both products and merchandising methods.

C. H. Hanson is quick to respond to changing market needs with new products, new merchandising and new packaging. The company is strategically focused on significant product expansion through partnerships with the end-user to create tools that make job site tasks easier, faster, and safer.

The C. H. Hanson Company offers more than 1,000 different products, both stock and custom, in more than 8 categories. We offer a complete line of mechanics and carpenters hand tools designed for use in the automotive, industrial, construction, safety, and hardware/DIY consumer markets.

C.H. Hanson is the supplier of choice for businesses that prefer dealing with a single vendor, rather than with multiple vendors, who brings passion to the introduction of new products. Because Hanson has been a prime manufacturer for more than 140 years, they have earned the trust of many of the largest distributors.

Founded in 1992, Megapro Marketing Inc. is an international distributor and marketer of MEGAPRO multi-function screwdrivers and accessories. The privately held corporation manufactures its products in countries around the world, including the U.S. and Canada.

MEGAPRO has a continued commitment to new product innovation and superior manufacturing processes that utilize

materials of the highest quality. As a result, professional trades people and serious DIY-ers alike have discovered the benefits of the multi-faceted MEGAPRO screwdriver family of products.

MEGAPRO currently holds more than 20 patents and eight trademarks internationally. The company is determined to expand its market base, as the reputation of its unique products continues to grow worldwide.