Full Warranty

All SIMONDS®, C.H. HANSON®, MEGAPRO®, and C.F. COOPER® tools, having passed a rigid factory inspection, are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship.  Any SIMONDS®,  C.H. HANSON®,  MEGAPRO®, and C.F. COOPER® tool that is abused or used for purposes other than those for which the tool was designed, is excluded from this warranty.  If a SIMONDS®, C.H. HANSON®, MEGAPRO®, or C.F. COOPER® tool appears to be below our manufacturing standards, it may be returned to the factory.  If factory inspection determines that the tool is within this warranty, the tool will be repaired or replaced without charge.

Safety & Warnings

Hand tools and power tool accessories are made in various sizes, shapes and degrees of hardness, depending on their intended uses.  They should be used only as recommended by the manufacturer.  Any tool can fail if it is misused.  Metal to metal contact under pressure combined with striking or twisting motion can cause metal fragments to separate and fly from metal surfaces.  To avoid serious personal injury when using your tools please follow these rules:

  • Protect your eyes, ALWAYS WEAR SAFETY GLASSES.
  • NEVER strike the tool or use it as a striking tool.
  • NEVER expose the tool to direct heat from welding torches.
  • NEVER use handle extensions on the tool to increase leverage.
  • NEVER use the tool as a structural support.
  • ALWAYS keep your tool clean.  Inspect it frequently and replace it when worn.